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Writing with Essaywriters is my most enjoyable experience. The system is stable, payments are regular and improvements comes by now and then. It is fulfilling when I can be of writing help to absolutely different individuals located globally! However, I sincerely want to learn more, grow and do my best!"

Sarah Turner, USA

I'm an aspiring writer. I love the experience I'm getting and the more money I make the more experience I get, but I'm mostly about getting my writing better. Even though, I'm trying to make this my full time job."

Simon Breedon, USA

I'm working part-time here so far - and I enjoy it! Money is never extra, and with EssayWriters it's both, income and practice of knowledge, and opportunity to do what I really love - writing. I'm hoping to make it the source of my main income"

Candace Pike, UK

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1. What is is one of the most respected online writing services aimed at providing customers with high-quality well-researched works of various types and subjects. Our company offers well-paid opportunities for professionals to develop their talents, hone their skills and contribute to our mutual growth.

2. What is the Company's mission?
Our primary goals are fruitful collaboration with writers, constant upgrade of their proficiency level and delivery of high-quality products to our clients.
The Company's processes can be characterized by absolute transparency. All our operations are open to the writers who are welcome to take part in all processes of the Company.

3. Am I qualified to write for
We encourage you to apply if:

  • You enjoy writing in English (be it academic, creative, technical writing or journalism);
  • You have Bachelor, Master or PhD degree;
  • You are computer-literate and have stable Internet access;
  • You are responsible and capable of meeting deadlines (!);
  • You have relevant writing experience.

4. What are the advantages of working with

  • the most competitive writing prices in the industry (up to $30/page);
  • regular bonuses awarded to our top-performing writers;
  • vast number of orders available in many different subject areas and academic levels;
  • 24/7 access to your personal online account and our support department;
  • convenient messaging system, online chat rooms and/or phone to reach our Support Team and clarify any hazy issue you may come across.

5. What writers are given privilege within Sign Up process?
Most of all we value writers' proficiency and specialized knowledge. Upon reviewing applications our HR department prefers those applicants who:

  • get the highest scores after Grammar Test submission;
  • successfully submit essay on the required topic (coherent, well-structured and personalized);
  • upload their writing samples, resumes and diplomas/certificates (highly-recommended);
  • are experts in technical, science areas or rare subjects.

6. What are our writers' responsibilities?
Our writers are obliged to provide clients with high-quality, plagiarism-free product, submitted according to the indicated deadline and in line with the Company's Policy.

7. What sort of writing work is available?
The types of work include research, writing, presentations, proofreading and editing.
You will have access to hundreds of orders on a variety of topics each and every day. You may choose to write in your expertise area(s) only, or you can enrich your knowledge in other subjects that interest you. With getting your writing level upgraded you get access to more order types and higher income.

8. If I have a full-time job, can I still apply?
Yes, of course! We offer freelance writing position, which means you can take as many orders as you can and whenever you have time. Many of our writers are engaged in daily activities and obligations. They are working parents, teachers, economists, lawyers... the list goes on! You can easily take orders in your area of expertise, extend your competence and comfortably have additional income.

9. Am I required to take a certain number of orders every month?
You determine your own workload. You are free to work as much or as little as you want. However, remember: the more you work, the more you earn. Some of our writers prefer to take lots of orders during peak months and then take a short vacation; others are steadier in amount of orders they take on weekly/monthly basis. It's all up to you. You make your own schedule depending on your time, desire and needs.


1. How much will I be paid?
The amount depends solely on writer's quality and activity. On average our writers make $700-800 per month. Please note that more complicated and urgent orders are more expensive, and hence, better paid.

2. How often do I get paid? Should I expect my payment to be processed right after order submission?
We transfer payments once a month if the earned amount has reached the minimum available with your primary payment option and there are no profile restrictions, i . e . , probation, not verified an account, payment details issue, etc.

3. What are the guarantees you will pay me my earnings? is a reputable company and we develop open and honest relationships with all of our freelance writers. Our company is interested in keeping our writers with us and in continuing to develop our professional freelance team. More detailed information concerning payment can be found at our Payment Terms and Scedule section. You can also read Testimonials of our writers on working with us.

4. What are the payment methods available for my country?
The company offers the following payment options for freelancers from all over the world: Skrill, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. You are to choose the method/s that is/are the most convenient and available in your country. PayPal details can be added per request as the option was temporarily removed from account settings. Please contact the Billing Department if PayPal is your preferable payment method.

Registration Process

1. How should I apply to work for your Company?
To join our team you need to take 3 easy steps:
Step 1: fill out our on-line Sign Up Form;
Step 2: pass online test;
Step 3: be approved by our HR department shortly after you submit all the needed information (it usually takes 2-3 weeks before you get approved).
In case of any outcome of registration process each writer will be notified via email upon the application has been reviewed. We encourage our writers to follow up only if 3 weeks have passed with no email received from our HR dept.

2. You have approved me, what is the next step?
Once you receive an email with your login ID and password, you can login into your account and review our Writing Guide and System Guide. Instantly, you can see available orders and take those that you can complete.
Our system is pretty much self-explanatory, however, if you need any sort of assistance you can contact our 24/7 available support representatives at any convenient time and clarify all necessary questions.

Security and Privacy

How do you use my personal information and e-mail?
All your personal information is saved only in our database and is not to be shared with any third party. Our customers do not know your personal details. The protection of your privacy is the Company's number one concern. We guarantee the security of all personal information you provide.

Other opportunities

Is it possible to get some bonuses or extras with
Yes. We offer a wide range of bonus schemes and competitions to keep our writers interested and motivated. You can always request more information upon being approved as our writer from our support representatives or HR dept.