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Alex, 4 years experience

Linguistics writer

What an interesting field linguistics is. Everyting about languages, pretty much, is fair game. For something about the way that we communicate, however, a lot of linguistic literature is difficult for the layman to understand... marred by statistical analysis and genius' lack of rapport with the common reader. You don't need to be Noam Chomsky to write about linguistics. We feel, in fact, that the field could really benefit from an influx of more creative writing. Do you have the goods? Don't wait a second longer than now.

Literature writer

Many people sincerely enjoy writing about literature. The art of literary criticism is said to be lost, but just read the reviews on Amazon and you'll be able to put that feeling to rest. You can do literature writing in numerous fields; perhaps you want to be just a plain English writer, or maybe you think that you'd best serve as an American literature writer. If you'd like to be a literature writer, feel free to let us know about your skills. We are particularly interested in American literature writers at the current time.

Creative Writing

What is creative writing, anyway? It's a huge category, but it's basically storytelling of one variety or another, done in a style original to the author. Creative writing is generally thought about as something for grade schoolers, an exercise in writing that will ultimately lead to competence in the essay form. But there's a lot to be said about creative writing for its own sake, and more and more people are finding outlets for their talents and interest in the field. We have tons of creative writing jobs. Let us know if you're interested in one of them.