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Legal Issues

There's always something going on in the world of law. Countless people are very interested in legal proceedings, precedents, and appointments, and enjoy reading well informed law articles. If you are one of those who like to stay ahead of the curve on legal issues, and enjoy writing about them, you're totally in luck right now. We have a large number of writing jobs for people with your kind of skills. Interested? Follow the very easy sign up instructions and get started as soon as you can.

Criminology writer

Have you turned on your television set after 8pm any night of the week in the last 10 years? All you see are shows that are, in some capacity, based on criminology. There's obviously a strong following in popular culture. Numerous young minds have been inspired enough - many through such programming - to take on one of the several particular branches of criminology as a matter of study and career. A job as a criminology writer is definitely viable, and there are always ones to be written. If you feel like writing criminology literature, get together with us and make it happen.

Law writer

The law seeks to be systematic in nature, but that's just wishful thinking for stratified minds. In reality, our system and code of law - federal, state, and local - is about as organized as the street system in Boston... the best route is always open for interpretation. Law writing definitely requires a hand for nuance. A law writer must always consider all the angles and options if he wants to have any credibility. Think you have what it takes for law essay writing? Get yourself over here and lets do something.