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Summary - AFI Framework with Results of the Internal and External Analysis 2d 7h 43m 8/$20.24
Business Analysis 2d 7h 24m 7/$56.56
Impact of International Trade Relations on Corporate Sustainability Practices 8d 2h 43m 10/$30.30

Ecommerce, Marketing writer

Products don't just sell themselves. There always needs to be some kind of human initiative involved in moving them. With recent years' tremendous growth in eCommerce, a whole new kind of marketing has emerged, heavily dependent on writing ability. Ecommerce writing is always in demand, and often reaps major profits. You’d do well to think about writing for marketing as a freelance marketing writer. If you think that marketing writing is your bag of tea, make sure you stand up and be counted.

Business writer

For most of us, our work takes up a large portion of our lives. That’s just cruel reality for you. But if you have good business writing skills, you can spend a lot less time and make plenty of cash. Business writing, essentially writing about work, might seem a little bit redundant. However, just look at the popularity of business publications nowadays! If you have a knack for biz, maybe you should look into jobs that require a business writer. We'll tell you one thing, we sure could need a few good ones!

Management writing

Management writers don't get a whole lot of glory, but they're very important to the industry of management. How else would important management advances be communicated to a broad, interested audience? Management writing is an absolutely essential component of the business world, and is never to be underestimated. Many publications exist dealing exclusively with management. We also have several management writing jobs available for writers just like you, so get on board.